About Eurhonet

EURHONET is a network public and social housing companies from France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Austria and the UK. Altogether the 38 Eurhonet members hosts 2’300’000 tenants in 1’010’000 dwellings.

Eurhonet network was found in 2006 with the aim to help each partner to be “the best” in its local market in order to provide tenants a fully satisfactory service.

The social housing sector all over Europe is facing some common challenges such as aging population, the need of a more sustainable approach to construction sector, there are social tensions to be addressed. Each housing company in every different country faces those challenges in a different way. Discussing about the problems and sharing the solutions is the best way to get better.

Eurhonet activities are organized in five topic groups:

  • Sustainable construction
  • Ageing
  • Social integration
  • IT & Communications
  • CSR

For more information about Eurhonet and its topic groups visit Eurhonet.eu