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For the topic group the aspect about “how to measure sustainability” it’s a key issue. Several different sustainable labelling systems are available (LEED, BREEM, etc.).

In Bremen in 2017 the DGNB sustainability labelling was presented. There was a focus on the different parameters that compose the total sustainability score. According to the “each country presentation” workshop at the moment sustainability labelling it’s not very common in social housing sector, where the main focus is still the energy efficiency.

The group visited the Green Building Council Italia headquarter. During the visit Level(S) was presented. Level(s) was developed to support the European commission and it is a voluntary reporting framework to improve the sustainability of buildings. Using existing standards, Level(s) provides a common EU approach for the assessment of environmental performance in the built environment.

Level(s) provides an easy starting point to introduce sustainability into the works. Within the Level(s) framework, each indicator is designed to link the individual building’s impact with the priorities for sustainability at the European level. This focuses the Level(s) user on a manageable number of essential concepts and indicators at building level that contribute achieving EU and Member State environmental policy goals.


Green Building Italia also introduced the approach they use in their certification scheme (see picture).

eurhonet whitebook

Some specific protocols have been developed for multifamily apartment and historical buildings.

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