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in daily life and in construction

During the meeting in Manchester 2019 we talked about how to reduce waste in our daily life and in our homes.

Corin from OpenKitchen showed us a campaign to make Manchester plastic free. The PlasticFreeGM campaign is delivered by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority in partnership with many organizations and individuals across Greater Manchester.

They offer advice and guidance on how to make more sustainable, low carbon choices.

This campaign aim for reduce waste, to go through a more efficient and recycling city.

They want to stamp out avoidable single use plastic and increase sustainable, reusable, compostable and recyclable choice.

Prevention is the start point for a sustainable economy, the best choice is create no waste at all.

Preparation for reuse is the second step: moving from disposable to reusable is more sustainable.

The third step is choose items that can be easily recycled.

Choose disposal only in case there is nothing else to do.

Is important to think about the whole life of products.

The campaign started with food and drinks, because plastic cases are often used for food. Beyond food, drink and hospitality there could be a plastic free life. They are now working with two local company that use different plastic free products. In Manchester there is some plastic free shops.

The question is: what can we do? We have to reduce waste before to produce them, with prevention!

The Bury council sets an ambitious target: 2023 plastic free. The University of Manchester developed a plan.

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