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Urban BuildTog++

Urban BuildTog++ in brief

The project include 108 renovated flats and 131 newbuild flats. The total floor surface is 5’140 m2 for renovated flats and 12’060 m2 for newbild flats.

Building Description

The existing buildings were built in 1952 and the area was a military base.

There are gas boilers in the existing buildings.

The challenge and the targets

The project aim to reduce primary energy consumption about 30% compared to new building standards and to reduce the global warming potential around 30%.

This is a high density building, with advanced green concept in the open spaces and on the facades. There are also kindergarten and school care in the area.

Project approach


Latest update

Now they are doing the excavation for the underground park. Probably it will be finished in 2022.

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