Meeting in Manchester (UK) | February 2019

4/5/6 February

Topic group sustainable construction, Manchester, Great Britain


The Sustainable Construction Topic Group met in Manchester at the beginning of February 2019. In this meeting we did have the opportunity to discover the ambitious plans that Manchester has in therms of sustainability.

Greater Manchester authority aims to reach the Carbon Neutrality by 2038. This means a big involvement of citizens,  for this reason the “Carbon Literacy” project was started. The aim is to make people aware of everyday actions importance to fight climate change.

Another challenge form Manchester is the reduction of plastic waste.  The target of having a plastic free city shall be reached by the end of 2020. Again a big part of the effort will have to be faced by the citizens, that need to be trained to act properly.

The group activities on the BuildTog++ project came to a very practical point. We’ve had a “flying experts” workshop on the Seismic BuildTog in Brescia. We analyzed in detail the project and discussed about possible improvements that ALER BCM could introduce in the project and we analyzed its strength and weaknesses.

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