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Performance Gap

Sometimes the building performance in use doesn’t match the design prediction. In practice we can have 3 types of problems: Energy consumption CO2 emissions Health and wellbeing (comfort, air quality, affordability, condensation and mould problem) There could be huge differences...


On-Line Meeting | May 2020

WHY THIS ON-LINE MEETING We were supposed to meet in UK at the beginning of May, but the COVID-19 emergency forced us to change our plans and cancel the meeting. The topic group leaders, together with Eurhonet management, decided that...

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Low carbon homes

Nowadays European regulation has to move from a thermal regulation to  an environmental regulation, to succeed regulation has to take into account carbon emissions in construction sector. The French answer to this trend is the E+C- experiment: positive energy and...

Pilot Sites

Green Office BuildTog++

Green Office BuildTog++ in brief This is a building for public offices in Ferrara, Emilia Romagna, a place with cold winter and hot summer. The building is located near the historical city centre, but this is not an historical building....

Pilot Sites

Urban BuildTog++

Urban BuildTog++ in brief The project include 108 renovated flats and 131 newbuild flats. The total floor surface is 5’140 m2 for renovated flats and 12’060 m2 for newbild flats. Building Description The existing buildings were built in 1952 and...

Pilot Sites

BIM BuildTog++

BIM BuildTog++ in brief Building Description The challenge and the targets   Project approach   Latest update The construction will start in December 2020. They are  a bit late with the schedule, because they want to use recycled concrete, but...

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Circular Construction

The construction material reuse is a big issue across Europe. During the meeting in Gothenburg were presented two different projects in which recycle materials is the main purpose. Reuse of Bricks In Sweden a big number of buildings have an...

Pilot Sites

Zero Plastic BuildTog++

RedditchBuildTog++ in brief Building Description CHARM Buildtog is the acronym of Circular Housing Asset Renovation & Management virtually plastic free home. It’s located in Redditch UK and the owner is Accord Housing Association. The construction of this new building started...

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Commissioning process

During the meeting in Treviso 2019 we talked about tendering and commissioning of construction. The  discussion aimed to examine the differences among EU countries, taking into account the specific situation of the social housing sector. Across EU countries there are...

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